JW ProCom  Marketing & Communications Professional

Every biz or org
or govt has
to sell.

Whether it's  products, services, or
a mission or cause.

and marketing
that will work
for you - - 
web, print,
direct mail

Stay tuned, new website design forthcoming ...
•  Website(s):
   o  Content development & site construction, including e-commerce and SEO
   o  Sites that anyone can afford, own, and manage in-house 
        (yes, will tutor basic website updating & administration)
•  Graphic design & layout  (print & web; e.g., logos etc.)
•  Social media: FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress blogs
•  Professional writer / editor / proofreader:
   o   Profile articles about people, organizations, or businesses
   o   Community information
   o   Grant writing  (applications/proposals)
   o   Business development projects, including bids & proposals
   o   PR: press releases & public relations
   o   Promotional copy writing that sells your product/service or mission
   o   Technical writing (curriculum, instructions, procedures, documentation)
   o   Editing promotional or technical content (bio-med publications, reports on background investigations, etc.); copy editing / author's editor
   o   Oversight of publication of your material
•  Direct-mail (USPS) or email campaigns/solicitations
•  Print:
 display ads & collateral literature (annual reports, business cards, fliers, brochures etc.)
•  Broadcast: TV & radio scripts, and oversight of production and editing
•  Media planning & placement  (i.e., buying broadcast time, placing display ads on web or in print publications)
•  PowerPoint presentations with pizzazzaudio, video, plus animation and special effects
•  Signage (billboards etc.& point-of-purchase display)
•  Branding & Image
•  Event planning & logistics (some simple to complex, internal or public)
•  Databases: updates, data clean up, administration, start-ups or conversions  
•  Management:  Project, Case, and/or Program
    • Working with programmers to plan, development and roll-out databases, websites
    • Case management and quality control review of Reports of background investigations for govt security clearances (hold an active clearance)

Stay tuned, new website design forthcoming ...
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